Valsea is a global technology consultancy that consistently delivers engaging digital experiences for our clients. Our strategy seamlessly integrates software design and engineering to create advanced, innovative, data-driven technological solutions.

Our expertise is our people. Everything we do is done in-house, from start to finish. We work in agile team structures that allow us to just get stuff done without endless reviews and consultations. Trusting in our staff is a big part of our corporate culture and success.

Do we sound cool (we are!)? Take your career to the next level and come and join us!

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The tech


The Reactive Manifesto is our tech bible, and we develop and maintain systems that adhere to the founding principles of the philosophy – responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven.

Our stack

We employ various platforms for our modern tech stack, including Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Hazelcast, Druid, Prometheus, and Grafana.


We have event sourcing architecture that uses CQRS providing stability and scalability to our platform and product across multiple countries.


The main programming language used for our frontend applications is TypeScript, built with React, using JavaScript technology.

GraphQL is employed as a query language for our API, and we also have different applications running with different setups like Vite and Gatsby.


Our infrastructure is built in AWS using Terraform as our IaC tool. Our infrastructure code is stored in Git, and our pipelines use Github-actions.


Valsea are big believers in the power and potential of cryptocurrency revolutionising industries.

We know crypto adoption will continue to become more widespread and are busy working on products and features that will allow us to capitalise on this change in player behaviour.

These features include multi-currency wallets, advanced payment solutions, and live price tracking.

Crypto is the future, baby!