We believe in tech, but we worship the power of people.

We know that all our accomplishments depend on pros that feel trusted and included. Therefore, we’re dead serious about an inspiring working environment and a warm culture that empowers people to challenge themselves and excel. Together, we turn standard solutions into star innovations.

A software developer smiling at the office at an iGaming company.
Software engineers at dinner with their iGaming company, eating and smiling.
Two female colleagues from a tech company are hanging out at the beach with colleagues.
A female software engineer at an iGaming company programming software.


We're humble, and excited – that the best is yet to be discovered.

We can look in the rear mirror once in a while to learn from failure. But more importantly, we encourage ourselves to try new thoughts and explore even the most unlikely places to push forward.


We've got a genuine interest in tech, our branch, and the people involved

Our curiosity fuels us with inspiration and new perspectives and makes us better.

Diversity and inclusion

Various backgrounds, experiences, and skills are crucial for our success.

The most innovative and elaborated ideas are the ones that carry different perspectives. This is why we always look for diversity and inclusiveness in our team.


We encourage an honest workspace with an upfront tone. All day every day.

We believe that people feel ownership and deliver at their best when being listened to and met with honesty.

Have fun

So you've read all the serious boxes, or did you skip to this section?

Sure, we have high ambitions. But even if it takes hard work to reach our goals, it’s important to us that we have fun along the way.

Like any tech company with self-respect, we work with Agile methodologies. The base is Scrum, but with some mods to suit our teams of 5-7 geniuses.

We put quite some prestige on staying on top of things that concern our branch. For the moment, AI and crypto are ingrained in our thinking. We're eager to discover what tomorrow holds.

Tech stack

  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Netlify
  • AWS
  • Elastic NV
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Apache Kafka
  • Gatsby
  • Docker
  • Cassandra
  • Lagom Framework
Andreas Werdin Product Owner

Our genesis

Once upon a time, a group of human creatures met. We can call them "friends" 'cause that's the truth. They had no action whatsoever in the iGaming industry at that time. Frankly, they didn't give a dang about it. But what they couldn't stand (and still can't) is crappy code and tech, and that's exactly what they found. They changed it, made it sterling. And here we are.

Best in class

Our undoubtful mission is to be the biggest enchilada in our industry and recognized as the best employer with the best employees. And we have come closer to that target earlier than we thought possible.