The pinnacle of global online casino management software

The Dino iGaming Platform redefines online casino management software, crafted to deliver players an unparalleled gaming experience. The Dino framework sits on six supporting beams.

Reward System

The Rule Engine controls the Reward System, determining when to issue rewards, which can be triggered by specific events or manually granted by customer support or the marketing team.

Player System

The Player System handles player profiles, personal information, and currency preferences. It fetches data from the Player Session System, which logs player activity during active sessions.

Compliance System

We assess player compliance risk by monitoring actions and personal data, assigning a risk score for internal evaluation.


The Customer Management System is the hub for back office staff to oversee player accounts, rewards, gaming limits, and support gaming operations.

Payment System

Dino iGaming’s Payment System offers diverse electronic payment methods, including wallets, digital banking, crypto, and over 200 integrations for global markets.

Games System

Our casino management solution boasts a redesigned lobby for usability, retention, and personalization, while offering 25 direct integrations and 100+ gaming studios.

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